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    1. 倉儲設備_倉庫貨架_重型貨架_自動化倉庫_物流容器_廈門鵬遠倉儲設備制造有限公司

      Professional manufacturer of the storage shelves


      More than60type profiles rolled by 19 rolling lines with 30 sets of molding combination, which can fully satisfy all kinds of scheme selection;

      4 high precision automatic punching line, meets the exact requiements of high racking;

      7 sets of automatic welding equipments highly improve the quality and efficient of welding;

      Power and free automatic coating lines, adopt to coating system from GEMA,can suit for workpiece up to 17 meters;

      Acid dipping Pool for special surface workpiece, which ensure the pretreatment of rust clearing and quality of powder coating;

      Perfect sewage and waste gas treatment facilities make the production environment well;

      Attained U.S R-MARK CERTIFICATION (REG.:#5360).

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      Rich research and development experience

      Using various strength testing and finite element analysis techniques to ensure the quality and reliability of the products.

      Advanced production process

      Introduce international advanced production technology and management mode, realize production automation, standardization, scale.

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      Warehouse equipment logistics engineering

      Provide customers with reasonable warehouse logistics planning design and overall solution;Provide comprehensive product and technical support to partners.


      The company attaches importance to technology research and development and product quality management, with a number of utility model patents, to participate in a number of national standards drafting and formulation, passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, daily production management ERP management system.

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